Baby products I love: DockATot Grand

Hey guys!  I’m here today with another post in my baby favorites blog series.  Today, I will be talking about our love for DockATot!

ahsang DATg 8

DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger.  They come in 2 sizes (the Deluxe is for babies 0-8 months, and the Grand is for babies 9-36 months old).  They are tested for breathability, and are OEKO-TEX certified.

We were so so excited to get the DockATot Grand, and it was delivered on Ruby’s 1st birthday!  (Side note…she had an awesome donut themed party, and how in the world did my baby girl turn ONE?!!!)

ahsang DATg 1

We truely loved our DockATot Deluxe, but baby girl outgrew it a few months ago and we passed it along to my girls’ teacher who is due around Thanksgiving.  DockATot was actually at the top of her wish list, so I was glad we could pass it along.  We loved the way our DockATot “hugged” baby girl, and Ruby seemed to be comforted and soothed by it’s coziness.  (You can read my DockATot Deluxe blog post here.)


Back to the Grand…I quickly unboxed it, and got the cover in the washing machine.  Ruby has sensitive skin, so I always pre-wash bedding and clothes with fragrance free detergent.  I have to say that the DockATot covers wash really well.  They are made of all natural, 100% cotton, and the fabric is durable yet soft!  I chose the Mod Pod Grand Dock, because I love black and white patterns!  The covers come in lots of fun patterns and a classic white.  I love my Mod Pod choice, but the bananas for you print is calling my name!  Maybe I can have 2 covers and have them in rotation, ha!

ahsang DATg 2

We are nowhere near it yet, but the Grand will be perfect for transitioning to a toddler bed.  When the time comes, Ruby will be hugged by her grand in a big girl bed.  I will feel more confident with her in the Dock, since the sides will keep her from rolling off the bed.

ahsang DATg 3

ahsang DATg 4

What I also really love about the DockATots is that they are so portable.  The have a handle on the side, and they come packaged in a nice plastic bag with handles, which I highly recommend saving.  (I took our Deluxe to my parents house last Christmas when Ruby was 2 months old, and it was a life saver for naps!  I also didn’t have to worry about the cover getting dirty when loading and unloading the Dock from the car since I kept my plastic bag.)  If you need to travel long haul, DockATot offers really nice travel bags.

ahsang DATg 6

Ruby seems to be super happy with her DockATot Grand.  (She was climbing in while I was putting the cover back on.)  I love it since I am able to let her nap wherever I am when I want her close.

ahsang DATg 7

DockATots do not keep in heat, and provide an ideal micro-climate for babies and toddlers.  DockATots are designed in Sweden and hand made in Europe.

If you have a little one on the way, or you’re looking to buy a generous gift for a baby shower, you should check out the DockATot website.  Also, if you use my link, you can get $10 off all docks!

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Happy Monday y’all!

Baby products I love: DockATot

Hello friends!

Today I’m sharing another favorite baby product.  This is definitely one I wish I had with my other two girls!  It’s a DockATot!  This product has made nighttimes so much easier!


I chose a DockATot Deluxe, which is perfect size for babies 0-8 months old, in the silver lining (chevron) cover.

I was so excited when the box was delivered!  It came perfectly packaged in a clear storage bag with handles.

My girls have sensitive skin, so the first thing I did was was remove the cover and washed it.  I was so impressed with how easy it was to remove the cover.  The bottom cushion has it’s own zippered compartment, and I love how the zipper goes all the way around the bumper section.  I let it air dry, and then easily put the cover back on.

I couldn’t wait to try it out!  I am exclusively nursing my newborn, and we have been using a bassinet that I keep by the bed, so she could be close to us.  I was excited to try the DockATot out for cosleeping.


At night, after nursing, I put her in the DockATot between my husband’s and my pillow, and she sleeps great…even better when I swaddle her too!  I love how the unique bumper shape keeps her feeling snug and helps her with the startle reflex.  It’s also comforting to look over at her with any little noise she makes.  Cosleeping is not for everyone, but it definitely works for us.

The DockATot is great for naps, and when she gets a little older, it’ll be great for tummy time as well.


(Look at those baby toes!)

While on the pricey side, we absolutely love the DockATot!  It is worth every penny!  It comes in two sizes, and there are many covers to choose from.


Happy Monday friends!