baby bump #3 Maternity photos

Hey all!  I am officially 35 weeks…time has just flown by!  This pregnancy has by far been the hardest on my body.  I have seen so many different kinds of Doctors and specialists…probably more than I ever will in my lifetime.  Even so, we had been hoping and praying for baby #3 for a few years now, so we feel truly blessed, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

At my most recent appointment, our Dr told us to be prepared as the baby could be here any time between now and 40 weeks.  Without sharing too much info, I’m already showing signs that I’m getting ready for labor & delivery!  I would definitely prefer to cook this baby for a few more weeks, but we are frantically preparing for baby to arrive, just in case.  We made a much needed trip to Target today, and went on a little shopping spree!  (I love Target’s baby registry!  You get a one time use 15% off completion coupon for anything left on your baby registry about 6 weeks before your due date!  You better believe I used that bad boy today!)  I think we picked up all the necessities, although it’s been 6+ years since we’ve had a newborn in the house!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few maternity photos.  It was extremely hot out, and the mosquitos were relentless, even though I doused myself in bug spray, but I loved how the images turned out!  Since this will most likely be my last pregnancy, I really wanted to take maternity photos.  I dragged my girls and hubby out at golden hour, as photogs like to say, and handed my big girl camera over.  I adjusted all the camera settings for hubby, gave him a quick camera lesson, and instructed him on which poses I wanted and what I wanted him to see in the view finder.  It was definitely hard being in front of the camera, lol!  “Do I have a double chin?”  “Is the red square (focus point) on my face?”  “Can you see my sweat?”  “Do I look awkward?”  I would have loved to have a few pics with hubby, but at least I got a couple with my girls.

I edited a few of my favorite images, and here they are:


That’s it for me!

Happy Sunday y’all!


New Year’s day traditions

Happy New Year’s Eve blog world!

We don’t have big plans for New Year’s Eve this year, but we will be celebrating New Year’s Day with a few traditions that we follow every year.

New Year’s day is a big holiday for Koreans, signifying family, growth, a clean start…

Usually for lunch, we will have traditional rice cake soup with my family called duk gook.  It’s thinly sliced rice cakes cooked in broth and topped with sliced beef, eggs, and nori.  I love duk gook.  It’s the “chicken soup” for my soul.

The girls get to wear their han boks, traditional korean dresses.  They love to wear them, and this is one of the few times a year they are guaranteed to wear them.  Here are my girls in their dresses this year.  I really wanted a canvas of them in their dresses, so after Thanksgiving, I made pretty flower crowns, curled their hair, gave them a little lip gloss, and took them out for pictures.  Here is my favorite shot:

IMG_2619 ps copy

In their han boks, the girls will bow deeply to their elders, i.e. my parents, and in exchange, they get money and blessings for a new year…lucky girls!  This tradition is called seh bae.

After eating duk gook, and the girls seh bae, we just hang out.  Usually, we will all gather to make home made mandu (dumplings).  We make a bunch to eat fresh and to freeze.  They are so good steamed, in soups, pan fried, and deep fried (you may have heard of yaki mandu)…  YUM!!!  Here’s a pic I took a couple years ago.  Those are my Dad’s hands.  🙂

ahsang new year

That’s pretty much it!  What are some of your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day traditions?  I’d love to know!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2015

photographer: M family session

Hello blog world!  I’ve been such a blogging slacker!  I have good excuses though…

We just got back from Disney world a few days ago, and I feel like I need a week vacation to recover from our disney vacation!  My to-do list is a mile long!

I had a few photo sessions during Thanksgiving week that I am busy editing.  I finally finished the M family’s beautiful session at 3:00 am yesterday.  I loved this session!  The location was beautiful (love all the fall colors), the light was amazing, and the family is so cute.  Here are some favorites:

ahsang M1

ahsang M4

ahsang M3

ahsang M5

ahsang m2

I still have a ton more photos to edit, plus Disney photos, and I haven’t even touched my December Daily yet!  One step at a time, right?!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

photographer: a memorable gift on her 60th.

A few weekends ago, we, along with my husbands family, drove to Oklahoma for a surprise 60th birthday party, celebrating a very special lady.  We hadn’t been to Oklahoma since 2010, so it was a long overdue road trip.  Not only did the 16 of us make the trip, but her kids and grandkids from across the country were there as well… all 9 kids and 16 grandkids there at the same time!  Her expression when we screamed “surprise!” was priceless!

I took my big camera to document this incredible story.  I wanted to send her a very memorable birthday gift.  When I got home, I looked through 100+ images of the surprise party, edited the images (indoor lighting always needs to be corrected and there are always head swaps involved in big group pictures), and had them printed.  At first, I was going to send just the disc of edited images, but I know that digital images rarely get printed these days.  Then I picked up a nice photo album and a frame.  I packed the album with photos and a few insert cards, like the one I made providing the occasion and the date, and the birthday cards that my girls made for her.  (love them)  I had the best group photo printed  in 5 x 7, and got a pretty frame to put it in.  I also put all the edited images on a disc.  I packed the album, frame, and cd in a box with care, and sent it off in the mail, hoping it would get there safe.

ahsang 60 1

ahsang 60 2

Now that I know everything got to it’s destination safe and sound, I can share this gift idea with you!  Print those images!  Don’t let them sit on a disc or in your computer!  If you aren’t a scrapbooker, you can just fill a nice photo album.

I really hope that she loved her gift.  Happy 60th Auntie Fia!

Happy Tuesday friends!

fall photographer: pumpkins, costumes, and gorgeous fall light with my girls

I cannot believe that Halloween is tomorrow!  Where does the time go?!

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch this past weekend.  I took the big camera and got some good shots!

ahsang fall 4

Gah!  That sunflare!  My beautiful girls!  I love it!

ahsang fall 2 ahsang fall 3

Even though it was a super hot day, they had an awesome time!  We got them tickets for the corn maze, pumpkin painting, sand art, and a horse ride.  We all devoured homemade strawberry lemonade!  Saturday awesomeness!

The girls had several opportunities to wear their costumes already.  They got to wear them to fall night at a friend’s school last Friday night, and they got to wear them to their dance classes all this week.

ahsang fall 1

I got lucky and didn’t have to spend too much money on costumes this year!  Whew!

Lola wanted to be a cowgirl this year.  She has been obsessed with boots and horses ever since horse camp this summer.

All I had to buy was the hat and the kerchief. I found the hat at the Halloween store fore about $12 and the kerchief was less than $1 from Wal-Mart.  The dress is one that I had bought several years ago from Forever 21 kids.  The boots are hand-me-downs from a friend.

ahsang fall L

Ellie has changed her mind several times this month!  First, she wanted to be Elsa, and then a bumble bee, but when she saw the Jasmine costume hanging in her older sister’s closet, she had to be Jasmine.  For dance class, last minute, she told me she wanted to be something else.  We looked in older sister’s closet again, and spotted the long-forgotten strawberry costume that I handmade maybe 6 years ago.  She tried it on and couldn’t be cuter!  She also told me already that she wants to trick-or-treat as a strawberry.

ahsang fall E

The girls love their costumes, and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to either a) spend $50+ dollars on a costume, or b) spend hours making one this year!  I probably won’t get this lucky next year, so I’m enjoying it for now!

Are y’all ready for Halloween?  Any traditions?  Every year, we carve our pumpkins the night before Halloween, and then we go trick-or-treating as a big group around our neighborhood & then get Rudy’s bar-b-que afterwards on Halloween night.

Have a safe Halloween, and happy Thursday!

photographer: celebrating fall by looking back on the summer

The fall season is officially upon us!  We have even been blessed with cooler weather today here in Texas.  It’s not sweater weather by any means, and our a/c is still on, but anything under 100 degrees is fine by me!

To celebrate, I thought that I would post some pictures of my favorite images from late spring and summer photo sessions.

1.  blue bonnet session with my girls while location scouting… full sun! gah! jung ahsang photography 1

2.  dance session for my older daughter’s ballet and tap recital:

jung ahsang photography 2

3.  blue bonnet session for my friend’s gorgeous little girls…the bugs were not kind to us, but we managed to get some great images anyway!  yay!

jung ahsang photography 3

4.  my dorkie (dachshund & yorkie mix)…many treats were involved in making this happen:

jung ahsang photography 4

5.  first birthday session with my nephew(s)…boy, did he made me work for it!  (many treats were involved in making this happen as well!  LOL!)

jung ahsang photography 5

6.  first birthday session with new friends…beautiful little cutie!

jung ahsang photography 6

Happy fall y’all!