Baby products I love: Lorena Canals rugs

Hey guys!  I’m here today with another post in my baby favorites blog series.  Today, I will be talking about Lorena Canals rugs.

ahsang rug 4

We pulled up the rug in our living room, because we thought it would be cleaner, less dust, etc.  However, my girls like to play on the floor, and I was starting to get worried about it being too cold on the floor when “winter” rolls in.  (We live in Texas, so it doesn’t get extremely cold, but still…)  Also, with baby girl on the move, we needed something to cushion her as she learned to sit up, crawl, and start to walk.  We were using some foam mats set up on one wall with her toys, but it wasn’t all that pretty to look at.  They are bright primary colors, and stand out like a sore thumb in our grey/neutral living room.

I came across Lorena Canals rugs on instagram when looking at beautiful nurseries.  I loved the soft, sophisticated look of the rugs, and decided to check them out for myself!

What I quickly discovered was that the major selling point of Lorena Canals rugs is that they are machine-washable…I repeat: machine-washable!!!  How fantastic is that?  With 2 dogs, and 3 kids, a machine-washable rug is everything!

When I got the opportunity to try out a LC rug for myself, I jumped at the chance and chose the Braids rug in pearl grey.

trenzas-pearl-greyThis rug comes in 2 sizes, and I got the bigger one, which measures 4’ x 5’3”.  I love this rug!  It looks so much better in the corner of our living room than the bright foam mats!  The color is perfect, and I love the subtle pattern.

ahsang rug 1

So far, I have washed it once, and it fits in my standard-sized washing machine with room left over.  The care instructions say you can tumble dry on low heat, but I chose to hang dry mine.  Lorena Canals rugs are light weight, so it dried in no time.

I am so happy to have this rug!  Baby girl loves to eat her snacks, and I’m glad that I can vacuum up the crumbs, and if she spills anything on it, I can throw it in the washing machine.

ahsang rug 3

ahsang rug 2

Lorena canals rugs are natural and eco-friendly; They are 100% natural cotton, made with non-toxic dyes, and contain no VOCs.  LC rugs are designed in Spain, and handmade in India.  I love that the proceeds support the Sakula project, and helps to provide schooling for children in India.

ahsang rug 5

If you have kiddos, I highly recommend you check Lorena Canals rugs out!  They also have cute cushions, blankets, and baskets.

My girls love having a rug again, and I love that I can wash it.

Happy Tuesday y’all!



my Craft room

Hey friends!

I introduced myself, and shared my craft room for my first post on the Hip Kit Club blog on Wednesday. You can read all about it here!

ahsang scrapspace 1ahsang scrapspace 1.5

I just got my September 2017 kit in, and it is jam packed!  I can’t wait to create!  If baby would only get a decent nap, lol!  I am so excited to share my Hip Kit Club projects with you!


Happy Thursday!

Fall decor & 7 tips for decorating

I love holiday decorating!  I got the fall box out of the attic today, and dusted off all of my little pumpkins.

jungahsang fall decor 2014-2

jungahsang fall decor 2014-3


1.  Don’t try to buy everything at once.  My collection has grown little by little; I usually only buy a few things each year.

2.  Bargain shop!  Most of these items I have bought at either Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or JoAnn’s using a coupon on my phone.  Always check online before you go shopping.  Hobby Lobby usually has a 40% off one item coupon on their website.  Did you know that you can use competitor coupons at Michael’s and JoAnn’s?  Also, you can use multiple coupons at JoAnn’s.  I also like to shop at tjmaxx, Marshall’s, and Homegoods.  Don’t forget the day-after sales (I like target)!

3.  Try a little DIY.  In the first picture, I spray painted a cheap pumpkin gold.  In the second picture, I bought a bag of cheap foam pumpkins and then I stacked & glue-gunned them to make them taller.

4.  Add personal items.  I display the frame of my favorite costume picture of my girls from Halloween 2011 every year.

5.  Especially for fall, I try to find items that I can keep displayed for both Halloween and Thanksgiving…mostly pumpkins.  Then I throw in just a few items for each holiday, like the jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

6.  Group items together!  It makes such a bigger impact when you have 3 pumpkins grouped together, than if you had them spread out.

7.  Buy a sturdy box for storage.  I keep all of my decor in plastic rubbermaid/ sterilite containers.  Clear containers make it easier to see what’s in your boxes, but you can also color coordinate for your seasons.  Last Christmas, lime green rubbermaid containers went on clearance, so I bought 3 big lime green boxes for my Christmas decor.

jungahsang fall decor 2014-1

Hope these tips help you out!  I would love to know if you have any tips!

Happy Thursday friends!