Ready. Set. Go, featuring Hip Kit Club

Hey friends!

I have a fun layout to share with you using the September 2017 Hip Kits.  On Wednesday, Felicity, Corrie, and I were challenged to use the Pink Paislee/ Paige Evans page 01 cut apart sheet and Amy Tangerine felt bows, both found in the Main Kit.  You can check out all of our projects on the Hip Kit club blog here.

ahsang HKC R.S.G 1

I started by cutting the paper apart into the 4×6 and 3×4 cards.  I also fussy cut the flags, some flowers, and paper planes from some of those cards.

I decided I wanted some mixed media on my page.  I used some Tim Holtz distress oxide in worn lipstick to watercolor on top of white cardstock.  I also used some Heidi Swapp gold color shine and the Ruby Shimmerz from the September color kit to add some ink splatters.

I wanted your eye to be drawn up towards the mixed media, so I centered my cards and picture toward the upper half of the layout.  I’m also a fan of white/negative space, so I like how all the interest is at the top, followed by a title, journaling, and a few embellishments at the bottom.

ahsang HKC R.S.G 2

I absolutely love Paige Evans’ Turn the Page collection…it was perfect to document this milestone.  My daughter started middle school this year, and this is her at her first locker, with her new schedule in hand.  Gah, where does the time go?!  “The Best is yet to come,” “there is MAGIC up ahead,”  “the future is bright…” all perfect, am I right?!

ahsang HKC R.S.G 3ahsang HKC R.S.G 4

I am so in love with the Hip Kit Club exclusive gold alpha for my title, and the felt bows are too cute!

I love how my layout turned out, and I hope I have inspired you to get crafty!  If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you check out the Hip Kit Club shop!

Happy Friday friends!



September Memory Planning, featuring Hip Kit Club

Hello friends!  I’m so happy to be sharing my first Hip Kit Club project with you!  Today, I’ve got a Memory Planner spread using pieces from the September 2017 Main kit, the September 2017 Embellishment kit, and the September 2017 Project Life kit.  This kit is jam packed with Paige Evan’s new collection Turn the Page, and I couldn’t be happier!

ahsang sept MP 7

(my hand model is cute little Ellie!)

ahsang sept MP 1

I have always been a pen & paper girl.  I don’t use the calendar on my iphone, I use a paper planner, and this planner houses my life!  Ha!  Even though I love decorative spreads, my planners have to work for me.  The weekly spreads are not pretty by any means; it is filled with penciled in school activities for my girls, practices, reminders, scratched off to do lists, bills to pay, etc.  The monthly spreads always sat empty, so I decided that would be where I could get creative.

ahsang sept MP 6

ahsang sept MP 5

ahsang sept MP 3

I am loving everything about this month’s kit!  The colors, the exclusive alpha, and the Paige Evans Turn the Page collection!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend that you do!  Stop by the Hip Kit Club shop for more goodies…you don’t want to miss out on the color kit either!

If you want more info on how I put this project together, you can read my post from this past Saturday on the Hip Kit blog here.

Are you a planner?  I hope you liked my Memory Planner spread, and I hope I’ve inspired you to get crafty!

Happy Monday friends!



Baby faves

Hey friends!  Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite baby products.  I’ve been meaning to share some baby favorites every couple of months, but here we are, with Ruby at 10 months old already.  Life happens, but better late than never, right?!

I’ve got lots to share.  Hmmm…where should we start?

Bathing and diapering:

ahsang baby fave no1

one.  Cetaphil GENTLE SKIN cleanser & Moisturizer.  All of my girls have sensitive, eczema prone skin.  The pediatrician recommended this brand to us.  I use the gentle skin cleanser as a body wash.  I just pump some right into my hand and rub it directly on her body.  Then I rinse.  I must admit it is a little weird at first using a body wash with no suds, but it leaves her skin feeling soft.  After bath time, we follow with either the moisturizing lotion or cream, depending on the season.  You will find these products with the face washes and moisturizers.

two.  Baby Bum Brush  This is a diaper cream “brush.”  It may seem like a silly product, but I loved it.  I hated having cream get stuck under my nails.  Even though I washed my hands, diaper creams are meant to be somewhat water resistant, and I would hate the residue of the cream under my nails.  I also found that I could use less cream when using this brush.

three.  A+D ointment.  This has been our diaper cream of choice.  There are essentially two types of diaper creams, the white kind with zinc oxide, and the vasoline-type ointment.  For our girls, the vasoline-type A+D ointment worked best.

four.  Water wipes.  I like these wipes because they are made of 99.9% water.  As I mentioned, my girls have sensitive skin, so I like that these are chemical free.


ahsang baby fave no4

one.  DenverDarlings head wrap & bows.  I absolutely love these big bows!  They are just so cute, and well made!

two.  ManeMessage baby headbands.  I loved these tiny bows for Ruby when she was a newborn.

(We really loved our personalized blanket by Audrey’s Bear as well!)

three.  Freshly Picked moccasins.  These are just so darn cute.  The are really soft on the outside and even softer on the inside.  They’re easy to put on, but harder for baby to pull off.  Genius!


ahsang baby fave no2

one.  Mula stack & nest cups from Ikea.  These are only $2.99, and my daughter loves them.  She loves to knock them all down when we stack them up for her.  You also get lots of toys in one!

two.  Tomy hide & squeak eggs.  This is the cutest little toy set!  Ruby loves holding the eggs, and emptying out the cartoon!

three.  Moo, Baa, La La La!  We really love Sandra Boynton board books, but she likes this one best!  You can see that it’s well loved.  This was also my middle daughter’s favorite, and she wore her copy out!


ahsang baby fave no5

one.  Yobaby yogurt.  It’s organic, tastes good, and baby likes it!  Win win!

two.  Olababy spoon.  These spoons are the softest and most flexible I’ve found.  They’re really easy for baby to hold.  I also like the shape, as it’s easy to get every last drop of baby food out of the bowl.

three.  Baby fresh food feeder.  I loved putting pieces of fruit in this for my daughter.  We tried pears, apples, strawberries, peaches, and bananas.  The cold fruit was great for teething and it was a great intro to solids.  I have seen these in the stores before with the mesh.  I like this silicone option better…so much easier to clean!

four.  Zoli gum massager.  My baby loved this when she was teething.  It was so cute, we called it her little lollipop or popsicle!

five.  Gerber Organic Puffs.  Baby girl goes crazy over these puffs!  The gerber brand puffs dissolve better than some of the other brands.  They are perfect for beginners.

six.  Baby Mum-Mum.  These snacks are good for baby to hold on to.  Just like the gerber puffs, this snack dissolves really easily.  My daughter enjoys holding onto this snack and taking little bites.  It is the cutes thing!  I also like that they are individually wrapped.  It’s great to stick one in your diaper bag for on the go snacks.

seven.  ComoTomo baby bottle.  I bought this bottle as a last resort.  Baby girl is exclusively breastfed.  I only pump and give her the bottle once in a while.  When she was a younger baby, she took the bottle fine, but all the sudden at about 3 months, she wouldn’t take the bottle anymore.  We tried all kinds of bottles, Avent, Mam, Dr. Brown, but she just wouldn’t take it.  I came across the comotomo bottle, and it claims to be a bottle made to closely mimic breastfeeding.  It is a different kind of bottle for sure.  The bottle itself is made of silicone, so you can squeeze it.  My daughter really likes this bottle!

Speaking of breastfeeding…

ahsang baby fave no3

one.  Spectra S2 breast pump.  I got to choose between a few brands of breast pumps through my insurance.  I did some research, and read a lot of reviews, and decided on the Spectra, a brand I had never heard of before.  With my first daughter, I had a Medela, and with my second daughter, I had an Avent.  By far, the Spectra is my favorite.  I like that you have the option of double pumping, or pumping just one side.  It is a hospital strength pump, and it is quieter than my previous pumps.  You can change the strength of the suction, and the speed.  I also like that it’s a closed system, so you don’t get liquid through the tiny tubing.  I highly recommend this pump!

two.  Oat Mama lactation granola bars & tea… a great snack for nursing mothers!  My favorite granola bar flavor is the chocolate almond coconut.  I had previously bought some lactation cookies from the grocery store, and they tasted like cardboard.  These granola bars are really yummy.


ahsang baby fave 11

Fisher-Price Animal Party Bouncer.  We have had this type of vibrating bouncer from Fisher Price for each of my girls, and they all loved it!  My older girl had a fish themed one, my second girl had a safari themed one, and Ruby has this rain forest theme.  Not only does the chair vibrate, but when baby startles, the legs cause the chair to slightly bounce.  Perfect for newborns!

ahsang baby fave 6

Antilop highchair with tray, and pyttig pillow from Ikea.  This little highchair is so affordable, minimalist, easy to clean…everything I want in a highchair!  I loved this highchair for all my girls, and it’s no different this time around!


Dockatot.  You can read all about why I loved this for Ruby in this post.


Milkmaid nursing poncho & car set cover.  I loved this as a car set cover when Ruby was younger, and now it’s a diaper bag essential, as I use it as a nursing cover.  You can read all about in this post.

That’s it for now!  These are products that we are loving.  I hope it helps you out, if you’re a new mom, or need baby shower ideas.  What products are you loving, or have loved for your sweet babes?

Happy Sunday y’all!

my Craft room

Hey friends!

I introduced myself, and shared my craft room for my first post on the Hip Kit Club blog on Wednesday. You can read all about it here!

ahsang scrapspace 1ahsang scrapspace 1.5

I just got my September 2017 kit in, and it is jam packed!  I can’t wait to create!  If baby would only get a decent nap, lol!  I am so excited to share my Hip Kit Club projects with you!


Happy Thursday!

love your kind heart card

Hey friends!  Happy September!

Today, I’m on the Butterfly Reflections Ink blog with a rainbow butterfly card featuring this Honey Bee stamp set.

ahsang BRI honeybee 1

We could all use a bit of rainbows and sunshine in Texas right now.  In my neck of the woods, we just had lots and lots of rain all weekend, but I know Hurricane Harvey devastated other parts of our state.