April 2015 favorites

It’s April already!!!  April is a very busy month for us (2 of the 4 of us have birthdays this month).

I had a lot of favorites in March, and quite a few pricey favorites.  Since my birthday’s in March, I got gifts and gift cards, so this month’s favorites is a good one!  Also, I have become super obsessed with card making in March, as evident in my last few posts.

ahsang mar fave 1

First up, make up favorites!

ahsang mar fave 2

1.  NARS all day luminous powder foundation (my color is medium 1 punjab):  I wanted to try a powder foundation, because it’s already getting hot in Texas, and I didn’t want anything heavy on my face.  My sister got me a sephora gift card for my birthday, so I went to sephora and requested a powder foundation that would give me some coverage, but isn’t too flat-looking.  A really nice girl made some suggestions, and tried a few on my face.  We ended up picking this foundation.  Of course when I got to the counter to pay, my heart stopped (sticker shock!!!), but I figured if I’m going to splurge, it might as well be when I have a gift card.  Let me just say…I love this foundation!  Since it’s a powder, it’s quick and easy.  I just use a dense brush and swirl it on my face!  Done!  It provides me with some coverage, still gives a natural look, and it lasts pretty good!  Best powder I’ve tried by far.

2.  NYX baked blush in 08 Ignite:  Love this blush!  Love the peachy bronzy color, love the “illuminator” factor in the blush so I don’t even need a highlighter, and it lasts well on my skin.  (I heard it was a dupe for MAC’s warm soul, although I can’t really say since I don’t own or haven’t tried warm soul.)  I picked mine up at CVS with a birthday coupon, but you can also find it at ulta and target.

3.  PIXI Natural brow duo (my color is deep brunette):  If you know me, then you know I love my brow products.  I don’t go anywhere without brows on!  I picked this up at target on a whim because I have been loving pixie products (I talked about their balm in my Jan favorites, and I like their eyeliners as well).  As the name suggests, this is a dual ended product.  On one side is a brow pencil, and on the other is a brow gel.  At first, I didn’t think I was going to like the brow pencil.  The tip was bigger than I like (shaped in a triangle), and it was softer than I like in a pencil.  However, as I kept trying it out, something about this pencil made me grab it every morning, instead of my other brow products.  Since the tip is bigger, it covers more area, which makes application faster.  The color match is spot on for me, and not too warm or red, as with other products I’ve tried.  Even though the gel looks tinted, it’s pretty much a clear gel.  It just adds a little more depth to the little hair that I have, and it holds my brow hair in place all day.  Win win.

Now on the my crafty favorites!

ahsang mar fave 3

1.  Mama Elephant carnival cupcakes stamp set:  If you saw my previous post, you probably figured that this would be in my favorites.  This stamp set is so cute, and pretty versatile.  You can use the cupcakes separately, you can use the little critters separately, or you can combine both animal and cupcakes.  You can check out a few cards I made in my previous post here:  https://jungahsang.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/cards-featuring-mama-elephant-carnival-cupcakes-stamps/ .  You can get this stamp set here:  http://mamaelephant.com/collections/animals/products/carnival-cupcakes or at simonsaysstamp.com.

2.  Sizzix die cutting machine:  I have been wanting a die cutting machine for a long long time!  When hubbie told me I could pick out anything for my birthday, I had no hesitations in picking out the sizzix and a magnetic platform.  As evident on my cutting pads, my sizzix is well loved already.  I got mine at hobby lobby.

3.  Tim Holtz ink blending tools:  I had the older rectangle version of this tool, and I have to say that the newer round version works much better in reducing harsh lines.  I also love that it comes in a 2 pack.  Love this tool, along with Tim Holtz distress inks for colorful backgrounds.  I picked mine up at JoAnn’s.

There you have it!  My most loved beauty and crafty products in March.  Let me know if you have any questions, and what you’ve been loving lately!

Happy Wednesday!


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