planning, planners, and a little DIY

I am jumping on the fancy planner band wagon!  I am and always have been someone who has to have a physical calendar and someone who has to write things down.  In college, I tried going digital and bought a fancy PDA.  I never used it and eventually gave it to my boyfriend (who is now my husband).  I don’t use my phone or computer’s calendar system.  Currently, I use a small spiral planner, and I end up having post-it notes and several notebooks everywhere.  I am on the hunt for a better planner.  I have seen several companies with planners great for busy moms.

Here is the planner I’m using now.  I got it at target and it’s by the brand sugar paper.  It’s a cute little planer, but I would like more writing room, a place for notes and to-do lists.  It would also be nice to have a section for my photography notes.

AhSang planner 1

In the meantime, I’ve seen many beautifully decorated planners on instagram, and I wanted to fancify my planner as well (as if I needed another paper hobby, lol!)

AhSang planner 2

Those tiny rectangle label stickers are some that I DIYed.  I wanted to color coordinate certain things, so that it would pop against the page.  Here’s what I did:

You will need label stickers.  I got mine at office max.  (I couldn’t find any this small at Target or Wal-Mart.)  You can color in the labels with what ever you have on hand…markers, color pencils or crayon, paint…  Make sure your labels are fully dry, and then you can write on them.

AhSang planner 5

I used 3 different mediums to color my labels.

1.  Scrapbooking mist.  I used the Heidi Swapp color shines because I like that they have some glitter in them.  Shake your mist well, then pour a couple drops into a dish.  I wanted more of a sheer wash of color, so I added water to the mist.  Then use a paint brush and paint your labels.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!

AhSang planner 6

2.  Markers.  I just used my daughter’s crayola markers, and they turned out great!  I wasn’t sure I liked the streakiness of the markers (like the row of bright pink in the photo), but when the labels dried, it evened right out!

AhSang planner 7

3.  Water color paint.  I love the look of water colors.  So easy!  You can control how bold you want the colors to be just by adding more water!  These are $1 store water colors!

AhSang planner 8

I’ve also placed a few planner sticker orders on etsy.  Once they come it, and I decide on a planner, I will keep you posted!  Let me know what planners, stickers, and accessories are your planning must-haves!  I would love to know!

Happy planning and happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “planning, planners, and a little DIY

  1. The planner looks so pretty! (lovely picture too!) Thehe I understand what you mean with all the beautifull decorated planners on instagram! Very lovely ! Ever gotten introduced to the world of filofaxes and Kikki K planners? 😉


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