New Year’s day traditions

Happy New Year’s Eve blog world!

We don’t have big plans for New Year’s Eve this year, but we will be celebrating New Year’s Day with a few traditions that we follow every year.

New Year’s day is a big holiday for Koreans, signifying family, growth, a clean start…

Usually for lunch, we will have traditional rice cake soup with my family called duk gook.  It’s thinly sliced rice cakes cooked in broth and topped with sliced beef, eggs, and nori.  I love duk gook.  It’s the “chicken soup” for my soul.

The girls get to wear their han boks, traditional korean dresses.  They love to wear them, and this is one of the few times a year they are guaranteed to wear them.  Here are my girls in their dresses this year.  I really wanted a canvas of them in their dresses, so after Thanksgiving, I made pretty flower crowns, curled their hair, gave them a little lip gloss, and took them out for pictures.  Here is my favorite shot:

IMG_2619 ps copy

In their han boks, the girls will bow deeply to their elders, i.e. my parents, and in exchange, they get money and blessings for a new year…lucky girls!  This tradition is called seh bae.

After eating duk gook, and the girls seh bae, we just hang out.  Usually, we will all gather to make home made mandu (dumplings).  We make a bunch to eat fresh and to freeze.  They are so good steamed, in soups, pan fried, and deep fried (you may have heard of yaki mandu)…  YUM!!!  Here’s a pic I took a couple years ago.  Those are my Dad’s hands.  🙂

ahsang new year

That’s pretty much it!  What are some of your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day traditions?  I’d love to know!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2015

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