Merry Christmas: our holiday card and picture with Santa

Behold…our 2014 holiday card!ahsang Christmas card

Naturally, I wanted to use pics from our trip to Disney World on my card this year.  I couldn’t decide on just one picture though, and I wanted them printed on stationary card stock, not photo paper this year.  Normally, I design my own 5×7 card and have it printed at my professional lab (last year I had them printed on metallic paper), but with our trip to Disney the first week of December, I needed a quick and easy option.

Even with the crazy discounts offered on sites like shutterfly and tinyprints, I wanted a more budget friendly option.  (We had just spent a ton of money at Disney after all…)  I got an e-mail from Costco advertising premium stationary greeting cards with great prices, so I decided to check it out.  Compared to other sites, their selection was limited, but I found a design that I liked, it was double sided, and it included envelops with our address printed on the back flap for free!  I plugged my photos in, placed my order, and had it delivered to my local Costco.  When I picked them up about a week later, they were packaged so professionally, and the quality was perfect.  For a pack of 50 cards, I spent right under $40, tax included.  I couldn’t be happier.  I will definitely be checking Costco out again next year!

On a side note, our dorkie (dachshund and yorkie mix) wanted to send her parents a Christmas card as well.  LOL!  Her parents live with a friend of mine, so I included it with our holiday card.

ahsang Christmas card emma

We finally took our girls to see Santa a few days ago.  Because they have a photog mom, they posed and smiled for the camera before they even talked to him!  They are professional models (ha ha!)!  I only had to snap one photo with them & Santa, and it came out perfect.  With the pictures out of the way, of course they told him all their hearts’ desires.

Here is my pic from my little point and shoot camera that I keep in my purse:

ahsang Christmas Santa

Happy Holidays friends.


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