Easy kids Christmas crafts

ahsang Ccrafts 1

Now that Christmas break has started, the girls and I have stayed in our pjs more days than we have gotten dressed.  Yikes!  The girls and I love crafts, especially around Christmas time, so we’re taking advantage of the abundance of free time.  Here are two crafts that are easy, and both my 4 & 8 year old had fun putting these together.

Straw bead necklaces: 

First, grab your supplies.  All you need is some straws (I picked these cardboard Christmas straws up from the target dollar spot), ribbon or string, and scissors.

ahsang Ccrafts 2

Have the kids cut up the straws into different lengths.

ahsang Ccrafts 3

Then have the kids string them together like they would any other beads.  I told my girls to alternate red and green, and to be sure to use different sized “beads.”

ahsang Ccrafts 4

Tie the string together and viola!


Popsicle stick Christmas ornaments: 

I love having the girls make hand made ornaments every year.  I saw these popsicle stick ornaments on a friend’s instagram feed, and I already had all the supplies, so it was perfect!

First grab your supplies.  You will need popsicle sticks, paint, glue, googly eyes, mini pom poms (we used red for Rudolph’s nose & a silver one for the tree), string, and some buttons.  *optional: hot glue gun

ahsang Ccrafts 5

Glue the popsicle sticks into their basic shapes.  I used 3 for Rudolph and 4 for the tree.  (I glued the sticks with a hot glue gun so we wouldn’t have to wait for the glue to dry before the girls started painting.)

Then, have the kids paint their ornaments: brown for Rudolph and green for the tree.  Set aside and let dry.  Once the paint has dried, you can help the kids glue on the eyes and nose onto Rudolph, and the buttons and silver pom onto the tree.  Set aside and let the glue dry.  Once everything is dry, you can add a piece of string to hang them on the tree.  I also had the girls write their name and 2014 on the back so we can look back and remember when they made them.

ahsang Ccrafts 6

Hope you are all having a great Christmas break!

Happy Sunday!


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