photographer: a memorable gift on her 60th.

A few weekends ago, we, along with my husbands family, drove to Oklahoma for a surprise 60th birthday party, celebrating a very special lady.  We hadn’t been to Oklahoma since 2010, so it was a long overdue road trip.  Not only did the 16 of us make the trip, but her kids and grandkids from across the country were there as well… all 9 kids and 16 grandkids there at the same time!  Her expression when we screamed “surprise!” was priceless!

I took my big camera to document this incredible story.  I wanted to send her a very memorable birthday gift.  When I got home, I looked through 100+ images of the surprise party, edited the images (indoor lighting always needs to be corrected and there are always head swaps involved in big group pictures), and had them printed.  At first, I was going to send just the disc of edited images, but I know that digital images rarely get printed these days.  Then I picked up a nice photo album and a frame.  I packed the album with photos and a few insert cards, like the one I made providing the occasion and the date, and the birthday cards that my girls made for her.  (love them)  I had the best group photo printed  in 5 x 7, and got a pretty frame to put it in.  I also put all the edited images on a disc.  I packed the album, frame, and cd in a box with care, and sent it off in the mail, hoping it would get there safe.

ahsang 60 1

ahsang 60 2

Now that I know everything got to it’s destination safe and sound, I can share this gift idea with you!  Print those images!  Don’t let them sit on a disc or in your computer!  If you aren’t a scrapbooker, you can just fill a nice photo album.

I really hope that she loved her gift.  Happy 60th Auntie Fia!

Happy Tuesday friends!

2 thoughts on “photographer: a memorable gift on her 60th.

  1. I can’t tell you happy we were to receive your gift Jung. I say gift, because it really was…How u put it all together in the album with the cute personalized notes from you & the girls was so cute!! You were able to capture the moments that we all missed, while we were busy with the party that day. The care and attention to detail that you put into the album, group photo & disc were so professional & would’ve cost a pretty penny…if we weren’t family!! Lol 🙂 thanks again.


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