preschooler fall craft & a little art tip

Temperatures will be in the low 90s today here in Texas, but we are still trying to embrace fall.

My 4 year old loves arts & crafts, so we decided to do a little finger paint project.

jungahsang prekart

Using our fingers, we dotted little pumpkins with orange kid-friendly paint.  When the paint was dry, we used a green marker to add the stem, a few leaves & curly vines.  (My 4 year old’s fingers are so tiny, they actually look more like tangerines, haha!)  We punched two holes on top, added a little ribbon, and now it’s ready to be hung up!

ART TIP of the day:  We use cheap paper plates for a lot of our crafts, especially painting crafts.  They are thicker than printer paper, so we don’t get the issues of ripping and warping.  It’s much cheaper than buying water color paper or an art pad.  I also think that the round shape and ridges around the outside give projects a more framed look, without having to frame!  I bought a pack of uncoated everyday paper plates from target (no need to buy the heavy duty), and it has lasted us quite a while.  You can find these at the dollar store as well!

jungahsang prekart plates

Happy crafting and happy Tuesday friends!


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