photographer: celebrating fall by looking back on the summer

The fall season is officially upon us!  We have even been blessed with cooler weather today here in Texas.  It’s not sweater weather by any means, and our a/c is still on, but anything under 100 degrees is fine by me!

To celebrate, I thought that I would post some pictures of my favorite images from late spring and summer photo sessions.

1.  blue bonnet session with my girls while location scouting… full sun! gah! jung ahsang photography 1

2.  dance session for my older daughter’s ballet and tap recital:

jung ahsang photography 2

3.  blue bonnet session for my friend’s gorgeous little girls…the bugs were not kind to us, but we managed to get some great images anyway!  yay!

jung ahsang photography 3

4.  my dorkie (dachshund & yorkie mix)…many treats were involved in making this happen:

jung ahsang photography 4

5.  first birthday session with my nephew(s)…boy, did he made me work for it!  (many treats were involved in making this happen as well!  LOL!)

jung ahsang photography 5

6.  first birthday session with new friends…beautiful little cutie!

jung ahsang photography 6

Happy fall y’all!

3 thoughts on “photographer: celebrating fall by looking back on the summer

  1. Beautiful photos. I laughed when I read the caption above your nephews’ pictures. I took pictures of our youngest one (at 14 months) recently and just like you mentioned, treats were involved and I was sweating by the end!

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    • Thanks @greyhouselane for your kind comments! yep 12-24 months is a tough age- they just don’t want to sit still! Between pics, my sis-in-law would have to run and put a puffy star in my nephew’s mouth, haha!


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