the one with the triangle quilts.

I have been so inspired by triangle quilts lately!  I am bursting with creative energy!  I have started so many projects… if only there were just a few more hours in the day…

It all started when I wanted a cute throw to leave in the living room.  I often need a little blanket for those evenings when my husband and I are watching tv, and I’m super cold, but he has the ceiling fan on high… However, all the throws that I’ve seen at the store are better for colder weather (i.e. fleece or knitted) and not the scorching Texas summer & fall!  So, I decided to make a light weight quilt in my favorite colors.  I’ve never made a quilt strictly for myself before, only quilts for my girls and baby quilts as gifts for friends.

After looking on pinterest, I decided that I wanted to try the triangle pattern.  So, I started my little quilt, and then I thought this pattern would be so cute on scrapbook pages and maybe even a card… & here I am with a few projects started, but none finished.  womp womp…

ja quilt

I am itching to finish these projects, but it’s tough when you get interrupted more than 10 times every 10 minutes.  Even more so when you have your creative juices flowing.  Alas, that’s to be expected when you have an 8 & 4 year old, haha.

Happy tuesday friends.


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